"The most-fun, self-sustaining, profit-making, positive-impacting and good-vibing people fund on the planet".

We are a private investment fund backing extraordinary people building scalable and sustainable businesses around the world.

About Us

We think entrepreneurs are the rock stars of the 21st century, making our days better in so many ways:

entrepreneurs characteristics

We think entrepreneurs rock our world and that by helping them grow their companies we can only expect amazing things to happen, this is why we decided to create PeopleFund, an investment vehicle that helps entrepreneurs from around the world accelerate the growth of their fun, positive-impact, scalable, profitable and sustainable companies. Our global network of partners, advisors and friends puts us in a position where very few other investment funds have been before, providing them the right financing, contacts and advice in order to help them reach whatever incredible goal they’ve set for themselves. It is our mission to help entrepreneurs make the world a better place day by day, because we realize that we can and we will create the future that we want.

PeopleFund was founded by proven and successful serial entrepreneurs and is supplemented by an experience support team. We have a passion for taking great business visions in any stage and growing them into larger and more profitable enterprises.

We welcome you to share with us how you are making the world a better place with an innovative and disruptive product or service. Please contact us and expect a quick response.